Learn Hebrew Fast

Computer Assisted Instruction

You are welcome to use our extensive program of computer assisted instruction for learning Israeli Hebrew. This computer program provides many practice excerise to accompany the lessons in the Israeli Hebrew textbooks. Doing these exercises will help you learn Hebrew better and faster. The program is adapted from software developed by the University of Illinois PLATO Project. There is no charge, but this permission is revocable, and there may be a charge for this software in the future.

The program runs under DOS. Thus, it cannot be run on a Macintosh unless a program like Boot Camp and Parallels, which allows Macs to run PC software, is installed. Our apologies to fellow Mac users. This material accompanies Israeli Hebrew for Speakers of English, Book One and Book Two. See our homepage for information on the series and links to free audio to accompany the books and computer assisterd instruction.

How to download and run the software:

  1. Click on this link to download a zip file containing all the necessary files.
  2. Save the unzipped files in a folder on your C: drive.
  3. Run HEBREW.BAT from DOS. The program does not run under Windows, only old fashioned DOS.
  4. You should run the program in a window so you can close the window when you want to quit. Sorry, there is no quit command. Just close the window.
  5. Click on this link to download the instructions for using the program (a PDF file).

Please let us know whether you find the program useful. We cannot provide you with any support in running the program, but we will try to provide clarifications on this website.