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We prefer to ship to the U.S. only.  Please use the Paypal shipping calculator above to calculate you shipping and packing charges.  Even if you wish to pay by check, use Paypal to figure out the correct amount.  You can send us a check if you prefer not to use Paypal.   Paypal is supposed to send us an automatic e-mail that an order has been placed and that funds have been transferred.  Unfortunately, we find that this e-mail is not always sent.  We suggest that you send us an e-mail directly letting us know that you have placed an order via Paypal.  That way your order will not be delayed.

Foreign Sales

Sending books abroad is very expensive and also very time consuming.  In order to partially compensate us for the extra time involved in foreign orders, we are adding a fee of $25 over and above the shipping and packing charges.  We ship by USPS only, by either Express or Priority Mail.  Please compute the cost of the books you wish to order using this website computation by Paypal .  Then send us an e-mail message with your order information.  We will look into the cost of shipping and will let you know how much it is.  Payment should be made via Paypal.

Illustration of cost of shipping abroad:  one copy each of Bk 1, Bk 2 and Bk 3 to Russia, ca. $50 Priority Mail, ca. $110 Express.  This is in addition to the cost of the books themselves.  We have no way to check prices without boxing your books for shipping, weighing them etc.  This is very time consuming, so please do not ask us for international shipping prices unless you are willing to pay the rather outrageous costs of filling an international order.

Payment information: We now take credit cards via the Paypal payment system not through our printer as we used to . If you wish to pay by credit card, for your enhanced security, you will be transferred to the Paypal website, which will handle the charge.  No information on your credit card will be provided to Duben Books or to any other party by Paypal.  We also continue to accept payment by check. Your check must be drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. dollars. Dues to exchange costs, it would make our prices prohibitive if we were to take payment in other currencies.  If you order by Paypal, Paypal will include the cost of currency exchange in their charges.

If you wish to pay by check, please compute the cost of your order on the website above using Paypal , and send us your order with full shipping information accompanied by your check.  Be sure to calculate and include the shipping charge calculated by Paypal.  Our address:  Duben Books, 6 Briar Lane, Newark, DE 19711 USA.

Fax: Unfortunately, due to an incompatability with our Verizon service, we are unable to receive faxes unless we are present to press the Start Fax button.  Please call ahead before sending us a fax.  The best solution is not to use fax, but rather to contact us by e-mail and to attach a PDF of the material you would like us to receive.

E-mail:  DubenBooks@USA.Net

Audio Material

Audio material is made available by the authors directly, and not by Duben Books.  This information is provided for the convenience of our users, and is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee that there have been no changes since we last updated our website.  Audio cassettes have, for many years, been available from Indiana University, but there has been little demand for them since the authors made free audio available over the Internet.  Audio files can now be downloaded for free in MP3 format. Given the availability of free audio, we do not know whether Indiana University is still willing to reproduce the audio tapes audio cassettes, but if they are, a fee will be charged.

We believe that the Real Audio version of the audio material is no longer available at We recommend that you download the MP3 version.

In order to play Real Audio materials, you need to download the Real Audio Basic Player.

Audio material are provided free for download by the authors.

Audio materials in MP3 format are again available, but at new URLs:  Book One and Book Two.

There is no charge for the MP3 files. Users are hereby granted a revocable license to download the audio files and to use them for the study or teaching of Hebrew. If desired, the MP3 files can be converted to audio CDs using a conversion program and a CD burner.

The URLs for the MP3 files are for Book One and for Book Two. You may need to alt-click option-click on the files to download them rather than play them on your browser. After that you can convert to audio format and put them on a CD, or just move the MP3 files to a CD to make an MP3 CD. The can also be played on an iPod etc.

Please let us know your experiences in using and working with these audio files. We have corrected some bad files, so we hope that the recordings will be better than previously.

Would you like to make your own audio material based on or compatible with the Israeli Hebrew series available to other users of the series?  We would be happy to post your material on our website.  Just let us know.

Audio Cassettes if still available :

Indiana University Language and Computer Laboratories
120 Ballantine Hall
1020 E. Kirkwood
Bloomington, IN 47405-7103

812 855-0005; fax: 812 855-5656

Attention: Lucinda Miller, Audio Coordinator

Last known price:
$25.20 plus $3.20 shipping for tapes to accompany Book I

$22 plus $3.20 shipping for tapes to accompany Book II

If you would like these FREE, you can download the audio files and make your own CD!

Do you need our

audio files on a CD?

This requires conversion of the MP3 files above to audio CD format. While the process is simple, it is quite time consuming, and we don't have the manpower to do it. We would be happy to authorize you to produce audio CDs for sale if you wish . Please let us know if you would like to provide this service to other users.

The audio materials are very useful adjuncts to the textbooks, but they are not commercial quality recordings. Users should expect some background noise/tape hiss etc. The MP3 versions are much easier to control than audio tapes so we recommend them highly.


All book prices are net; no returns allowed. Shipping costs are computed by Paypal above . Prepayment is required. Prepayment by check, money order or credit card see above is required.

Email: DubenBooks@USA.Net